About the Filmmaker

David Huntley produces and writes programs on the environment, history, science, and adventure travel. An avid outdoorsman and glutton for punishment, he specializes in telling stories about life in extreme environments and remote places around the world. His travels have taken him to the Arctic tundra in Alaska and Scandinavia, mountain jungles in Central America, volcanic islands off the coast of Iceland, stormy seas in the North Pacific, and deserts in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among other intriguing places.

David has spent much of the last decade navigating the wilds of Alaska and the backwoods of Appalachia, where he produced 22 hours of television for the History, Discovery, National Geographic, and Travel channels, including the 13-part series Tougher in Alaska and the groundbreaking special, Hillbilly: The Real Story with Billy Ray Cyrus. Before that, David produced 12 seasons of the popular PBS series, Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda, including international episodes shot on Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, he produced two episodes of the PBS series Saving the Ocean about the conservation of endangered leatherback sea turtles in Trinidad and gray whales in Baja, Mexico.

David’s connection to the White Mountains of New Hampshire runs deep. His great grandparents emigrated from Norway to Berlin, NH in 1903, where his great grandfather Richard Christiansen worked at the Brown Paper Company mills on the Androscoggin River for more than forty years. During high school and college, David worked six summers in the high peaks for the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Huts System, where he and fellow "croo" members packed in food and supplies, cooked meals for overnight guests, and conducted seach & rescue operations.